9 months to graduation

I am 9 months away from graduation and vividly remember not being able to envision this last phase of my university journey in mid 2016. At that moment, I was deep in the throes of what truly felt like internship hell and the end was nowhere in sight.

Then suddenly, I found myself counting down the last seconds of 2016 and am now……9 months away from graduation. The decisions I have to make in the next few months has sent me into a mental tailspin. I am cocooned tightly around perennial worry and excitement and as a result, emotionally bounce daily between the hard, dull floors of anxiety and brightly coloured skies of POSSIBILITIES. (It never gets boring in my head.)

I am choosing to look up (because I suspect I might go stark raving mad even before graduating if I don’t) and figured writing will be a good outlet….as it always has been. I chose to specifically write again on a blog because I’d like this part of my life captured and a blog seemed to be a lot more tangible than the notes app I have on my HTC.  On that note, I must admit I now completely regret my  24-year-old anger fuelled act of deleting my old website. But hey, new beginnings seem to be a recurrent theme of my life so this is me…again.


Picture: ©RachelynGordon2017